Fusion Flow

1hr 11am every Sunday

This is an energizing style of yoga based on Vinyasa Yoga, where one pose flows onto the next and gets the blood and energy flowing throughout the entire body as we focus on breath, alignment & conscious movement while strengthening, improving balance & flexibility.

The intensity of the class will be tailored to participants attending the class on the day, and classes are a Fusion of different yoga and movement styles, from more challenging sequences incorporating AnimalFlow/Primal Movements, as well as gentler sequences that focus on conscious somatic movement and sometimes adapting some Qigong/Taichi forms, all into our flowing yoga dance.

A yoga mat & a space that you can move around freely (and possibly blocks & strap, and a blanket & eye mask for shivasana if you have but not imperative). Also have a water bottle and sweat towel close to hand as well during these sessions.


Yin Yoga

75mins 8.45pm every Tuesday

A gentle and restorative style of Yoga that engages the parasympathetic nervous system to restore the body to homeostasis. Class focus will change every week, and we will incorporate a range of techniques, including supported poses, rolling for fascial release, acupressure on the meridians, therapeutic tremouring, somatic movement, breath, sound & visualization to help us drop deeper into our bodies and release stress and tension to bring our bodies back into balance.

This class is mainly floor based & is suitable for everyone, from yogis, athletes & weekend warriors who want to release tight muscles, to busy people who are working or studying or parents who just need some ‘me time’ to unwind & de-stress, pregnant women, people recovering from injury, and everyone in btwn.

This style of yoga incorporates the use of props, so besides your mat you will need a bolster (or thick pillows), 2x blocks, 2x tennis balls (or spikey balls), a strap, & blanket, as well as preferably a quiet space to practice where you will not be interrupted or disturbed by surrounding environmental factors.


Chair Yoga 

40mins (Private Sessions) 

This is a shorter style class for people who are not able to stand or do not enjoy standing for long periods, and do not have much background in Yoga or movement but need to start stretching and moving a bit more regularly.

Suitable for people in wheelchairs, or with disabilities, health issues or injuries that limit movement and energy levels, as well as people who sit at their desks for long periods of time during the day and want a break but might not have the space in the office to roll out a yoga mat & practice.

We will be doing some gentle movement and finishing off with some  breathwork or short guided meditation to leave you feeling a bit more energized and centered to get back to your day.

For this class you will need a chair and enough space around you to extend your arms out to the sides, forwards, up and back.

Available through Private Sessions or Corporate Wellness


Tailored Yoga Sessions 

60-90mins (Private Sessions) 

This is a tailor made yoga program for groups or individuals who sign up on a term basis, we assess your goals and work out a bespoke program of Yogic practices and tailored sequences for you to follow over the 10 weeks.

This can range from Recovery from Injury, Yoga for Weight loss, Yoga for Anxiety, to Yoga for Industry, eg, Yoga for Nurses, Yoga for Tradies etc.

Length & Requirements for the sessions will be dependent upon the type of session.

Available through Online Private Sessions or Corporate Wellness & Yoga for Industry 


Pranayam (Breathwork), Mindfulness & Meditation 

The timing for these Classes, Workshops and Special Events will vary depending on the focus & style of the session. 

A comfortable meditation cushion or nice mat or rug to sit on and relaxing space to lie down in is recommended but you can also do it in a chair.

For any of these please have a quiet place where you can sit or lie down comfortably for the duration without being interrupted.

Any additional props or requirements will be emailed out to registered participants for individual events/workshops/classes prior to the Session depending on what we need for that session.


Asana Workshops 

60-90min online 

Yoga workshops to help you deepen your practice. In these workshops we will break down poses that you are finding trouble with or want to refine, from downdogs & flow thrus to arm balance poses. Enrolled participants are invited to send a list of poses that they want to work on for the facilitator to work some of them into the session so it is more tailored, or the workshop might have a focus eg. arm balance or core engagement, etc. 

We will normally do a quick flow and sun salute sequence to warm up and get the body familiar with the poses we will be focusing on, then move into a more workshop style format where the instructor will cue you and watch you perform the pose while giving refinement cues.

These workshops are suitable for people who have a regular practice and are familiar with basic poses names and engagement cues as they will be used for reference during the workshop.

These workshops will be recorded in gallery view with the private recording links emailed out to participants so that they can review their own practice and form afterwards.

You will need your mat and a space you can move around in freely, as well as a water bottle & sweat towel, blocks, strap, blanket and sometimes a wall if you have one available, otherwise it is fine if you don’t.