8 week Chakra Awareness & Exploration journey


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This is an 8 week introductory Awareness & Exploration Course into Chakras, the 7 main energy centres which run up and down along our spine.

Every Sunday we will catch up for 75minutes for a short lecture on a particular Chakra followed by a meditation and gentle yoga practice incorporating the use of Mantra (sound), Mudra (hand gestures), & Asana (physical postures) to open and activate that Chakra. Participants will given homework, AV resources and affirmations to continue home practice for that chakra that week, and asked to journal their observations and insights. 

On the last week we will spend the class moving our energy through all 7 chakras completing our active energetic circuit through the use of breath (Pranayama) & Bhandas (energetic locks within our bodies), followed by a closing circle and voluntary non-obligatory sharing of any insights, reflections or growth from the journey over the last two months.

*The first and last week’s classes will run for 90mins to allow time for opening introductions & intention setting, and for the closing circle.

Dates : Sunday evenings 8pm through September & October 2022 


  • Base/Mulahdara 4th Sept
  • Sacral/Swadhisthana 11th Sept
  • Solar Plexus/Manipura 18th Sept
  • Heart/Anahata – 25th Sept
  • Throat/Vishuddha – 2nd Oct
  • 3rd Eye Pineal Gland/Ajna – 9th Oct
  • Crown/Sahasrara – 16th Oct
  • All Chakras, Energy flow & Pranayam – 23rd Oct



As this course is more focused on the Subtle layers, it will have a more philosophy, mindfulness and meditation over a movement focus so is suitable for everyone including those with injuries as we will give variations including the option to sit and practice in a chair.

This course might not be suitable if you are currently pregnant and have never practiced yoga or energy work before, as we will be moving the energy upwards before we circulate it, and will also be doing alot of internal clearing work which might occasionally stir up emotions to be released, so if you are pregnant and already experiencing enough mood swings and other shifts within your body, then maybe best to leave it until after your bub is born.

Please let the facilitator know prior to commencing if you have any injuries or conditions so we can modify exercises accordingly. 

Equipment Required:

  • Yoga mat
  • Bolster or meditation cushion 
  • Blanket (optional)
  • Pen and notepad to journal & take notes, soft copy worksheet will be provided

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