50Hour Yin Yoga Online Teacher Training Course


This is a comprehensive introductory Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course, designed for Yoga Teachers who have completed their initial 200hr YTT, Qualified Yin Yoga Teachers who want to explore more aspects of Yin Yoga, Fitness Professionals who want to start teaching Yin Yoga as a Recovery Fitness Program as part of their repertoire, or anyone who wants to learn more about Yin Yoga for their own practice.


Investment $1200

Early Bird (Booked & Paid before 1st May) – $1100 ( Coupon Code: Yinearly )

Super Early Bird (Book & Paid before 1st April) – $999  ( Coupon Code: YinSuper )



This is a comprehensive introductory 50Hour Yin Yoga Online Teacher Training Course, designed for Yoga Teachers who have completed their initial 200hr YTT, Qualified Yin Yoga teachers who want to explore more aspects of Yin Yoga and expand their repertoire, Fitness Professionals who want to start teaching Yin Yoga as a Recovery Fitness Program, or anyone who wants to learn more about Yin Yoga for their own practice. (Note only people with existing Yoga or Fitness Certifications and who complete the Assessment Portion of the Course can get the Teaching Certificate, however everyone is welcome to attend and will get an Attendance Certificate).


Online face-to-face via Zoom


Held over 3 weekends, Saturday & Sunday in June. 4 & 5th, 11 & 12th, 18 & 19th June 2022.

7.5hrs per day (with lunch break & morning & afternoon tea breaks daily).

43.5hrs face-to-face learning, 6.5hrs homework, study and assessment.


Saturday & Sundays 

7.5hrs each day


4th & 5th June 2022

11 & 12th June 2022

18 & 19th June 2022


To Teach Yin Yoga after the course you need to already have an existing qualification either at least 200hrs Yoga TT Certification, or CertIII in Fitness, or equivalent, and satisfactorily complete the face-to-face hours as well as pass the Teaching & Written Assessment in order to get the Teaching Certification.

If you do not wish to teach Yin Yoga but wish to do the course for your own personal interest, growth & learning you are most welcome to attend & will get a Certificate of Attendance but not Teaching Certification.

If you currently teach meditation, NLP or a similar meditation/mindfulness modality, and wish to teach Yin Yoga or add some Yin Yoga tools to your repertoire for your clients and are focusing on the Restorative aspect rather than the movement/mobility aspects of Yin Yoga, pls let the facilitator know and they can assess your teaching and written assessment and you will need to show your existing qualification as well as demonstrate that you can safely lead people in and out of supported poses to get your Yin Yoga Teaching Certification.

If you are just enrolling in one of the modules, you will receive a certificate of Attendance for the hours studied, and unless you are already a qualified Yin Yoga teacher, you will not be qualified to teach Yin Yoga from only having completed some modules. To receive the Yin Yoga Teaching Certification you have to attend & complete the course in its entirety and pass the assessment portion of the course.


This training is certified by Yoga Australia & Internationally by Yoga Alliance, as an Approved Professional Development Training Program.


As this training is Online, you will need:

  • A good & reliable Internet connection for the duration of the course, plugged into a power source, as the course will run over the entire day, e.g. pls use your laptop or desktop, over a phone or tablet. The ideal setup is your laptop plugged into a big tv so that you can move back a bit so the facilitator can see you in a full wide shot & you can participate in gallery view so that you can interact with other participants. If you are just participating but not getting the Teaching Certification you can do it from anywhere on any device without being seen properly, but in order to get the Teaching Certification you will need to be seen properly in a full wide shot so that you can demonstrate that you can do the poses correctly yourself in order to teach it later.
  • A yoga mat
  • Your booklet (This will be emailed out to you the week before the course commences)
  • Pen & Paper to take notes
  • 2x yoga blocks
  • 2x tennis balls
  • A bolster (or large cushions)
  • A strap
  • Blanket
  • A light stable chair or stool (for more Restorative pose options, but not imperative



FULL COURSE –  $1200

Early Bird (Booked & Paid before 1st May) – $1100 ( Coupon Code: Yinearly )

Super Early Bird (Book & Paid before 1st April) – $999  ( Coupon Code: YinSuper )

Individual Modules (Only available for weeks 1 & 2 – Days 1-4 AM & PM modules) 

Half day $250

Full day $450


Please note the dates & times carefully before booking, we are not able to give refunds. Should you be unable to attend the dates you have chosen, we require a minimum of 72hrs notice before the course commences and you can transfer your credit to a future/upcoming course.

All dates & times are listed in Melbourne Australian Eastern Standard Times so please check your local timezone for conversions if you are not in Melbourne or Sydney.


To ensure a high quality in the teaching of our graduates, 100% attendance is required for the Certificate to be awarded. 




Day 1

AM – What is Yin, Anatomy of Yin Yoga & the Central Nervous System

  • Principles of Yin & Yang
  • Sympathetic VS Parasympathetic Nervous System
  • Homeostasis & the Vagus Nerve
  • Yin Yoga Practice (General style 3min holds with blocks)

PM – Fascia

  • Fascia
  • Discuss different areas/conscious movement & fascial trains/ Silk Reeling
  • Yin Yoga Practice (Tennis balls fascia release)


AM – Different Styles & Techniques in Yin Yoga

  • Long Holds
  • Fascia Release
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Somatic Movement
  • Themed Practices
  • The importance of Shivasana
  • Yin Yoga Practice (Somatic movement)

PM – Asana

  • Basic cues for alignment & safety
  • Basic Yin Yoga Asanas & use of props
  • Discuss Modifications for poses & Contraindications
  • Workshop like practice with Anatomy/alignment Q&A for students
  • Yin Yoga Practice (Restorative style)

Week 2

Day 3

AM – Yogic Philosophy

  • Yamas & Niyamas
  • 5 Koshas
  • Mantra (Power of Sound)
  • Mudra (Nadis)
  • Chakras, Ida, Pingala & Sushumna Nadi
  • Yin Yoga Practice (based on Chakras)

PM – Yogic Philosophy – continued

  • Meditation & Yoga Nidra
  • Pranayam (Calming Breaths)
  • Breathing Practices/Exercises
  • Yoga Kriya & Yoga Nidra Practice


AM – Yin Yoga & Daoism

  • Master Theory & The 5 Elements
  • Meridians & acupressure points
  • Yin Yoga practice (based on Meridians & TCM)

PM – Yin Yoga & Therapeutic Tremouring 

  • ShakingMedicine, the History and Benefits of Therapeutic Tremouring 
  • How to activate tremour mechanism 
  • Tremouring and somatic movement 
  • Yin yoga practice with tremouring


  • Remind everyone who wants Teaching Certification to complete the open book written assessment by next weekend (1-2hrs)
  • Homework – Practice 2x Yin Yoga classes, & practice Pranayama & Meditation during the week as homework, write notes feedback what you observed within yourself during your yin, breathwork & meditation & any questions.
  • Optional – If you are a Yoga Teacher or Fitness Professional, perhaps practice incorporating some Yin principles or Asanas that you feel confident with at the end of your next class or client session as part of the cool down and write down your observations & feedback.

Week 3


AM – How to hold space & sequence classes

  • Tone of Voice, Creating & holding space in your classes
  • Consent & Hands-on adjustments
  • Inviting Language/ Trauma Sensitive Language
  • Tailoring your classes, sequences & language to your audience
  • Yin Sequencing without Props, and Props modification within a gym environment
  • Different ideas for class sequencing themes
  • Discussion, Q&A, theoretically sequence a few prac classes together based on themes, discussions & participants’ expected audiences/students.

PM – 

  • Break everyone up into groups to sequence practical classes (x3)
  • Prac class #1
  • Feedback from everyone & open discussion
  • Open Q&A to consolidate any of the topics we have covered
  • HOMEWORK – For those getting Teaching Certification to complete written Assessment by tomorrow morning!


AM – Assessments

  • Go thru written Assessment together, discussion & Q&A
  • Prac class #2
  • Feedback from everyone, open discussion, Q&A

PM – Final thoughts & closing

  • Discuss teaching opportunities 
  • Prac class #3
  • Any final questions
  • Feedback, Q&A & close.

To get your Teaching Certificate, please email trishdevisha@internalalchemy.com.au upon completion of the course along with your existing 200hr YTT Cert, YA membership, Cert III in Fitness/Higher or Equivalent & we will email out your certificate.

Certificates of Attendance will be emailed out to all participants after the conclusion of the 3 weeks, including the half-day & full day Certs for CPD points. Pls email Trish at the address above if you have not received yours.


Trish DeViSha is a Level 3 Senior Teacher, Registered with Yoga Australia.

She is trained in Hatha, Classical Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Dynamic Fusion Flow, AnimalFlow, ShakingMedicine (Therapeutic Tremouring), Yin, Restorative, Qigong, TaiChi, Deep Stretching, Meditation, Pranayam, Tantra, and also has a background in Dance, Acro/Circus & Martial Arts.

Trish has also done over 2 decades of research & experiential study into Spiritual Philosophies, Mystery School Teachings & Esoteric Sciences such as Numerology, FengShui, Astrology, Consciousness Expansion, Religion, Eastern Philosophies, Magick & Shamanism, and has attended various workshops over the years on Psychology, Human Behavioural Science, & other Energetic & Psychological Healing & Re-programming modalities like NLP, Hypnosis, Da Silva, as well as other forms of Light, Energy & Intuitive Healing Techniques.

As a result of her varied background, & after practicing & exploring energy & movement styles for over 20yrs, and studying & teaching Yoga for the last 10 years, she has decided to consolidate all the information & knowledge she has accumulated over the years into Training Courses, and will be launching her Yin Yoga 50hour Teacher Training Course this June.


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