Corporate Membership Benefits

We offer a range of Online Company Memberships for your entire staff, which include Live Zoom classes in a variety of styles and options for individually tailored classes at your selected time and day for your staff and industry.

All Memberships also include access to our ever growing class libray & video tutorials to stream on-demand.

Please fill in our Enquiry Form below to get a Quote for a tailored Yoga package for your organisation:

eg. We are a high pressure corporate environment where our employees would benefit from some relaxation, meditation & mindfulness classes & resources as well as some mindful yet challenging physical activity to burn off excess energy; or We are a trade, service or factory environment where most of our employees are on their feet all day or in unnatural positions moving around or under machinery or on building sites and want a dynamic movement & relaxation class after hours tailored to our staff to counteract the positions that their bodies are in during their work hours to help bring their bodies back into balance for better blood & energy circulation and better physical health in general; or We are a tech based company where most of our employees are working remotely from home since the lockdowns but tend to be doing longer hours, and want to help maintain their mental & physical health and support them to achieve a good work/life balance.etc