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Donation, Payment, Refunds & Exchanges

We have decided to try a by-donation Membership business model, so that those who might not be able to afford to pay for a class or membership can still attend and benefit, however we still are investing our time and energy to offer these classes, so encourage regular members to donate to keep it viable for the long term. 10% of your membership donations also go directly to charity to continue helping those in need.
Pls send you donation via PayID to under transaction name “YogaIAm”
Our suggested donation amount are listed on the class description for individual classes, or $12.50 per week/$50 per month if you are regularly attending more than one class a week. However we understand that some people might be struggling but still benefit from having & maintaining a regular guided yoga practice, so it is a suggestion but not mandatory, and if you are currently struggling please just attend the classes and just pay what you can afford or give back when you are in a better position to do so.
For our paid offerings we use PayPal. If you do not have PayPal and wish to register for a course, please transfer the course amount via PayID to then email us with your payment receipt at with the Workshop or Course name in the subject line, to register.
All our bookings require 48-72hours notice to reschedule. We are unable to give refunds so please note the dates & times carefully. If you have booked into a training or workshop and can no longer make that date, you can enrol in a future workshop or training using the credit.

Class Questions

As most of our classes, workshops & courses are done via Zoom, you will need a steady & reliable internet connection. Individual class, workshop and course requirements such as props or manuals are listed under class descriptions.
For all classes, please let your instructor know before the class commences if you have any limitations, issues, pregnancy or injuries so that suitable modifications and variations can be given. Please make sure you have gotten your doctor's clearance for exercise especially after any injury, medical procedure or surgery, and work at your own level and take the options that are best for your body at any given time. You are responsible for your own safety, and cues will be given to the best of the instructor’s ability but Yoga & Internal Alchemy and our teachers and affiliates hold no responsibility for any injury that might be sustained as a result of your practice.

Zoom Rooms will open 10mins prior to every session, so please arrive early to chat with your instructor beforehand, especially if you are new, pregnant, or have any issues or injuries that they need to be aware of.
We encourage everyone to have their cameras on as it makes it easier for your instructor to give you cues for your practice, however if you do not feel comfortable there is no obligation.
All our normal classes will be recorded on active speaker, and you will be required to have your microphone on mute during the session so you won't be recorded.

For workshops, special events & training courses, recordings might occasionally be in gallery view, but you will be informed if you will recorded on camera prior to attending.

For our normal classes you will not be recorded as it will be pinned to the instructor/facilitator.
Please arrive on time for all classes, and if you are coming 5-10minutes late, please make sure that your microphone is on mute out of respect for other participants, and so that you do not affect the recording.

We suggest that if you are going to be more than 15minutes late to a session to please just do your own practice that day instead with a video and you can watch the video replay of that session you missed later, especially for Dynamic classes, in case you miss any safety cues that were given at the beginning, and also sometimes because we do one side then the other, and you might find your body a bit uneven (tighter on one side if you missed that part of the class) at the end, as well as potential risk of injury if you miss the warm up and try to join when we are halfway into a dynamic practice, so please try to arrive early or on time.

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