Stephanie L.

Trish is an experienced, caring, authentic, and professional yoga teacher. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to have fun with their practice and be supported by a kind, knowledgeable teacher. Trish is one of those people who genuinely loves her work and is extremely dedicated to her craft. Her passion for yoga is contagious!

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Keleigh B.

I have enjoyed doing Trish’s Yin classes and her dynamic flow classes. All of the classes I have attended have been challenging, interesting, uplifting and relaxing. Trish puts so much effort into making her classes varied and interesting, especially the Yin classes. I would definitely recommend Trish as an excellent yoga teacher.

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Rob S.

Trish is a fantastic yoga teacher for all levels. So talented and friendly she focuses on all in the class and is really a joy to learn from.

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Derek E.

I found Trish’s yoga classes to be deeply relaxing, invigorating and a wonderful experience for all levels of Yoga experience. I highly recommend her classes from beginners to advanced. A fantastic class facilitated in a thorough and professional manner by an instructor extremely knowledgeable in yoga.


Luke T.

I highly recommend Trish Devisha Yoga
Such a wonderful gifted yoga teacher and so connected with all the different
Diverse modalities that are related to the wonderful yoga world
I feel great in class with the guidance of Trish
Also after class I really feel the energy flowing and the body relaxing nicely
It’s rare to find a dedicated being
Who puts so much effort into others
I appreciate the knowledge and wisdom shared
Thanks Trish

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Sheilagh B.

I absolutely love your classes! I really appreciate the modifications you give me and the way you help us build up to a pose. Your explanations are clear and help me understand how to get into the correct position. Thank you Trish

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Sharna A.

Trish is a fun loving and accommodating teacher. If you have any injuries or limitations she makes sure that she gives you the correct modifications to suit your body so you get the most out of your class. She is willing to make sure you are able to get into the correct positions and takes the time to adjust you if need be.Every class I’ve had with her has been a pleasure.


Catherine H.

Prior to stumbling into one of Trish’s yoga classes 6 years ago, my experiences with yoga were more mechanical. Trish’s yoga style is very organic and integrates mental as well as physical practice which I thoroughly appreciate. She is very mindful of differing levels of practice and always provides plenty of variations to poses and very helpful if you have any questions. If I happen to have any muscle stiffness at the start of class, by the end I feel open, relaxed and calm.

After pregnancy I had sacroiliitis which was persistent. Whilst I had exercises from the physio that seemed to minimally make a difference, it was going to Trish’s classes that ultimately effectively dealt with this condition for which I am very grateful.

Thanks Trish for your skillful and unique way of combining soulful, nurturing into deeply effective somatic classes- I’ll be a regular for a long while.

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Madhuri S.

Trish is a most amazing and unique yoga instructor I have ever come across, her every class is full of pleasant surprises and the most amazing thing is it’s never repetitive, while doing every posture the way she explains how it would work effectively and technically on your body encourages to hold the perfect posture longer! Every time I do challenging Asana I remember her words “ when you are about to give up is the time your body is actually working internally” I feel completely refreshed after every session. 

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Ana B

Trish is the most unique yoga instructor I’ve ever experienced. Prior to my sessions with her Yoga felt completely unnatural, forced and frustrating, I would try and quit and hate every moment. 

From the first session with Trish she opened up a release and a shift in me that no other instructor had been able to. As she explained to “Set your intention for today- it can be to melt into the uncomfortable just a little longer, it can be to be a little more patient, it can just be to last to the end of this class ” I felt my whole body relax.

No one had ever explained that I wasn’t meant to feel amazing and perfect all the time. That actually just being here, in the class, is enough. From that moment, my entire experience changed. There was no judgement, no pressure. And with that release I found myself lengthening, reaching, mindfully staying in the uncomfortable, without any stress about how crappy I actually might be!

Trish encouraged me with variations for when I needed them, and inspired me with the incredible versions that she was able to perform. I’ve never forgotten the time spent in her classes because it was the reason I continued with yoga until this day. Thank you for changing not only my journey with yoga, but my journey with myself.