Catherine H.

Prior to stumbling into one of Trish’s yoga classes 6 years ago, my experiences with yoga were more mechanical. Trish’s yoga style is very organic and integrates mental as well as physical practice which I thoroughly appreciate. She is very mindful of differing levels of practice and always provides plenty of variations to poses and very helpful if you have any questions. If I happen to have any muscle stiffness at the start of class, by the end I feel open, relaxed and calm.

After pregnancy I had sacroiliitis which was persistent. Whilst I had exercises from the physio that seemed to minimally make a difference, it was going to Trish’s classes that ultimately effectively dealt with this condition for which I am very grateful.

Thanks Trish for your skillful and unique way of combining soulful, nurturing into deeply effective somatic classes- I’ll be a regular for a long while.