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Fusion Flow 11am Saturday


This is an energizing style of yoga based on Vinyasa Yoga, where one pose flows onto the next and gets the blood and energy flowing throughout the entire body as we focus on breath, alignment & conscious movement while strengthening, improving balance & flexibility.

Yin Yoga 8.45pm Tuesday


A gentle and restorative style of Yoga that engages the parasympathetic nervous system to restore the body to homeostasis. Class focus will change every week, and we will incorporate a range of techniques, including supported poses, rolling for fascial release, acupressure on the meridians, therapeutic tremouring, somatic movement, breath, sound…

Connect to community and your teacher with live Zoom sessions to refine your practice and with the opportunity for Q&A after class

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All class times are listed in Melbourne AEST.

If you are new to yoga or to our studio, please arrive 5-10mins early and let the teacher know especially if you have any injuries, physical limitations or are pregnant, or to discuss ur wellness/fitness goals.

Classes will be recorded for our class library afterwards, but recordings are pinned on active speaker so don’t worry as you won’t be on the video recording in case you’re shy.

Classes are suitable for all levels, with modifications given.

*We endeavour to run these classes every week, however occasionally there might be times when a session might not be running due to Public Holidays or other Events, so please subscribe to our newsletter for monthly Event updates, & connect & check in with us on fb for more regular updates, especially in regard to weekly class sessions.


  • Practice from the comfort of home or anywhere, whenever you like!! 
  • New content every week with a growing library of classes to choose from 
  • Choose from a variety of class styles and types for any level 
  • Build strength, progress and challenge yourself in a supportive online environment 
  • Learn from high quality and experienced teachers 
  • Learn meditation and relaxation techniques to facilitate calm and reduce stress 

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